Time is Money

Do your customers or clients earn lots of money? What does a minute cost them while they are waiting for their application? What does it cost to get confused or lost? What does it cost when the workflow does not match how they work?

Frictionless design is the idea that you remove all the barriers to getting work or your task done. Design the best design and then make it perfect for the customer. Do not let the application get in the way of doing work. Do not make the user think about how the application is built when trying to get work done.


Frictionless Design?

What is frictionless design? Have you ever used a product and it all seems natural? Have you ever used a product and felt like everything was in your way?

Frictionless design let’s nothing get in the way. When you remove the friction the product does not slow you down. When you remove the friction you move at the speed you want.

Let’s explore frictionless design.