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Are you an entrepreneur? How do you get people to work with you when you do not have much money yet?

Do you barter? I will design for you if you code for me.
Do you deal? I will pay you 5% of what we make until you are paid twice your usual rate.

How do you find people to work with you?


What is the ROI of design?

Design/Cost Influence Curve from

Design/Cost Influence Curve from

How much are you willing to pay for selecting the best design? How much are you willing to pay for making whatever design someone has in their head better over time? Do you take a focused approach to design? Or is the shotgun approach sufficient?

If you are driven by numbers, why would you ever avoid doing an appropriate design process? (I am not talking about engineering – I am talking about selecting the correct design concept.)

Let’s assume the quality of the design concept you come up with lies on a normal curve. What is the probability that the one design you come up with is the best one? How do you improve your odds? If it’s normal, the more times you do it the more likely it is that you will find one that is the best.

So as a business person why aren’t you demanding 100s of concepts for the new product or module or business idea? Prototype the best 3 and come up with the cost of creation/ delivery and maintenance of each. Know what your target users think of the concepts. Then make a decision.