3D interactions

Now that we have touch interfaces and these interfaces are successful in the marketplace, why can’t we have interfaces that work with touch and proximity?

Matt Hirsch has put up some of his work and it is very intriguing. He is looking at existing technologies so that manufactures could build possible gestural interfaces in the near future.

Got an ideas for useful interactions?


Listen … Damn it!

Tom Peters in his over the top energetic way points out how doctors on average listen to their patients for 18 seconds before jumping in. He scolds the managers of the world for doing so too.

This makes me think of a “Friday Forum” at a company called Symmetrix. One of the muckety-mucks was on the floor describing to the audience some of the tricks of consulting. He said that listening is important. It is so important that “G-d gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason … to listen twice as much as you speak.”

Listen, damn it.

Here is Tom on YouTube:

Where to start if your company has not done any modern marketing?

Seth Godin has created a list of things he thinks a company should do to start in today’s world of marketing.


The first 3 mentioned are:

  • get email
  • make a company website with addresses and contact info at a minimum
  • start an email campaign

The others on the list are even more interesting.