Are Your EEs Motivated by Only Money?

Are Your EEs Motivated by Only Money?
Do your top performers work better if given more money?
What are they motivated by?

Dan Pink argues that they are motivated by 2 things assuming that they are paid correctly to begin with:

  1. Autonomy – I want to do want I am interested in
  2. Mastery – I want to get better at what I do

In this video posted on the FastCompany article Dan points out that companies that give a day to work on what they want to as long as they show their results at the end of the day get more done then normally tasked (and they are not paid more to do this).

How many products do you know that are now Open Source? All of them are built by experts on their own time for free.

How many people do you know practice musical instruments for no particular economic gain?

Autonomy and Mastery.