I need new friends ..

The Bing-Facebook Alliance: Six Things You (and Google) Should Know is an article from Fast Company.

The implications for Bing are interesting however for me as a user of these sites I have a distinct problem – my friends. Do I really want my searches influenced by the folks I have friended at this time. I am not sure they would be useful in most of my searches. Now I have to go find a new set of “friends” that cruise the net in useful ways for me. I need to find the best trollers of the areas I am interested in.

What if I love my “friend’s” selection of technology but find her politics questionable?
What if I love my “friend’s” choice in restaurants but they are intellectually thin?
What if I love my “friend’s” awareness of current events but his personal interests are a bit to racey?

Nevermind Google having to go back to the drawing boards. I am going to have a new agenda for friendships now.