Hire Ts and Is

“T-shaped is highly desired, but not sufficient. In staffing up teams, interview and test for I-shapedness. I don’t care how good someone is either at the pragmatic or abstract level, there is someone out there who is equally good and who has strength at both ends. Find that person.” – Bill Buxton



Teaching teens design

I would love to create a design fair like the science fair.

“An alarming study released last year found that American kids’ scores on tests measuring creativity have been steadily declining since 1990. The drop has serious implications for our nation’s competitiveness. A 1999 Department of Labor report outlining skills needed in the 21st-century workplace cited creative thinking, problem solving, and “seeing things in the mind’s eye.” More recently, when IBM asked 1,500 CEOs to name their top “leadership competency,” they ranked creativity first.” – Malcolm Brown FastCompany


Alternate Input Device: Tapping Your Body

I thought this was pretty cool research that FastCompany review in an article.

“Here’s one way you might use it: You’re on your usual early-morning jog. Your mp3 player is set to “shuffle.” A song comes up that you’ve heard one too many times. Instead of having to stop your run, take out your player, and fumble with the buttons or spin wheel to skip to the next song, you just hit your arm about midway up and keep on cruising.”