Personas & Workflow Analysis

Project Persona and workflow analysis for a new execution management system.Personas
The persona development was done as part of the research for the design of the next generation execution management system (EMS). The project aimed to cover the list and hedge trader base as well as expand into the institutional block trading space.
Research Research the institutional block trader activities, goals, needs and behaviors to create a summary for the team.
Challenge The institutional block trader was a new trader profile not well covered by the existing set of products. The team was distributed across the US and the globe and required a common understanding of who and what we were trying the achieve. Additionally, information was needed to contrast this trader profile with the more well known traders in the hedge markets and institutional list trading arena.
Solution Product managers were assigned to help connect with current customers who were interested in block trading. Research began with internal traders with experience in the space. These traders walked through the day-in-a-life of a block trader. They described what they did from the time the woke up, moments before the market opened, market open, the day, the time before market close, and after the market closed until he went to sleep. The trader was video taped to share the workspace and environment with those who could not attend. Activities were broken down and the triggering events analyzed to understand why the trader was doing what he was doing. This information was then verified across other traders. Changes were made and variations noted. The profile of the trader was summarized into one page and the workflow documented to share with other team members. Several reviews were performed by product management to get buy in.
The persona and day-in-the life workflows can be used as an introduction to a project and are a good reference to set context for the work being done. Creating personas and workflows contribute to better design as the project leads and individual team members better understand the user and how the product is used throughout the day.PersonandWorkflow

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