Redesign & Simplification

Project Redesign & Simplification
The firm had an existing software product and was looking to move into a new vertical. The product was designed and built out. There was an interested customer who was ready to move to the new release. The customer wanted the firm to invest heavily in the user experience before they took the release, staffing up with three interaction designers to help where ever needed.Redesign & Simplification
 Research Usability tests had highlighted a plethora of issues. Through some heuristic analysis and task walk-throughs, we identified the primary needs for redesign.
Deliverable Over a few months we focused on simplifying the overarching and detailed navigation. Working with the product manager, lead developer and the client we drove the process to select the best solution. Through ideation, sketching, prototyping and validation with client we found the optimal design.
We focused on frequent user testing as the solution was prototyped and throughout the  development cycle. Near the end of the cycle, usability tests were performed with new users. All of the problems found in the previous usability tests were gone. The users did not even notice the navigation and moved on to the detail of the task.
Results The project was completed and the client rolled the product out to 4500 users and replaced an old system. There was no training and minimal service calls.This project in the news.

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