Michael T Pullen

User experience designer and architect

Do your solutions have world-class user experiences? Designing the user experience requires the ability to influence an organization to balance utility, usability and aesthetics of products and services. I have been designing for over 18 years and understand the challenges to creating a world-class user experience. I am a collaborator, a person who brings eclectic groups of people together to solve problems and design products. I enjoy working with large, complicated applications that require the synthesis of vast amounts of information into a clear vision as well as understanding the limits of technology, time and resources to come up with exceptional design solutions. I am a natural leader who leads through enthusiasm, knowledge, vision, and respect. Additionally, I have strong interests in the challenges to innovation and the idea of design as part of business strategy.

Product Visioning

Provide design choices to product owners
Drive solutions to the best design
Illustrate workflows
Simplify and streamline
Formulate user experience strategy
Define vision and design direction
Design effective information architecture
Diagram overarching application interaction models
Document and direct user interface guidelines across the suite of products
Design of user interface components for reuse and consistency

Organizational Effectiveness

Team creation and building
Organizational change
Organizational communication
Team leadership

User Research & Analysis

Perform knowledge elicitation and knowledge engineering of complex human systems
Protocol analysis, interviewing, observation, teachback, sorting, repertory grid
Create task, usage and use case scenarios
Identify business and user requirements
Market research
Identify and verify personas/user profiles and workflows

High & Midlevel Designs

Design user and activity-centric interaction
Prototype user experience
Design prototype applications
Document and communicate design of complex design applications
Document product requirements

Detailed Designs

Create UI specification documents
Communicate design across cross functional groups
Translate the business analyst and product manager requirements into designs for user interface developers

User Acceptance

Perform user acceptance tests in 2-week iterations with high and low fidelity prototypes
Conduct usability tests and analysis


Enterprise application design, web applications, information architecture, knowledge acquisition, user experience, information architecture, interaction architecture, innovative design techniques, understanding how users work and what they need, team building, team creation, organizational change, frictionless design, interaction design, human factors

Michael T. Pullen resume


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